Altimira Middle School Academic Programs

Core Programs

At Altimira, 6-8 grade students advance through the standard academic curriculum in a traditional grade level structure. Active student/teacher interaction, regular feedback, and subject-based assignments promote academic success in classroom settings where students are seated in small groups or in a traditional classroom setting. Teachers provide ample opportunity for students to question, learn and be challenged to his or her specific academic ability. Interspersed project based assignments give students additional opportunity to collaborate and develop partnership skills within single grade classroom environments. The core traditional grade level academics of math, science, social studies, language arts and reading are also complemented by diverse co-curricular activities, electives and physical education with mixed grade levels. All courses meet the State of California guidelines

Accelerated Programs

Altimira offers accelerated programs in math, science and language arts. These programs provide students with challenging coursework and high expectations in an exciting and motivating learning environment. Teachers deliver instruction in greater depth, and at a quicker pace than in the core program. Accelerated Programs are offered to inspire and empower learners

through academic rigor and inquiry-based instruction.

 Accelerated Algebra is offered to 7th Grade students dependent on their readiness as determined by a test taken in the second trimester of 6th grade. Parents may also request placement into this class.

Advanced Geometry is offered to 8th Grade students who successfully completed 7th grade accelerated algebra. Advanced Geometry is a rigorous course taught at the pace of an advanced high school Geometry class. The subject matter challenges students to find solutions to complex problems while justifying their reasoning. Topics covered range from finding the area of common polygons to writing proofs. This class may be held at Altimira, Adele or Sonoma Valley High School depending on enrollment and bell schedules.

Students who successfully complete Advanced Geometry in 8th Grade may enroll in Algebra II as a Freshman in High School. The 8th grade Advanced Geometry class does not fulfill any High School A-G Math credit. As such, students are still required to complete 3 years of Math in high School in order to graduate from Sonoma Valley High (generally Algebra II, Math 4 and Calculus) and a 4th year of math (generally AP Statistics) to qualify for admission to the UC system.

Accelerated Science is an 8th grade course. It is a class where students who have demonstrated enthusiasm for learning, an intrinsic desire to challenge themselves academically, and an aptitude for science can be with like-minded students. 

Accelerated Language Arts is an 8th grade course. This class focuses on the skills of reading comprehension, writing and organization. Discussion of literature and projects will focus on the higher order thinking skills, such as evaluation, synthesis, and analysis. Students will be reading a variety of literature genres, and developing skillful use of literary terms, application of literary analysis techniques, and grammar. Students will focus on developing their writing styles and practicing with various writing genres. Included in this will be an introduction to the MLA writing format, which is used at Sonoma Valley High School.

Students who have tested into the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program are pulled out for symposiums twice a year. In the fall they participate in “Creative Olympics” in which they work together on challenges to achieve a set goal on school grounds. In the spring, GATE students are taken off campus for fieldtrips that expose them to unique experiences such as ropes courses and trapeze workshops. We realize the ways in which non-academic experiences provide opportunities for risk-taking and decision-making that expand our student’s view of the world, their self-confidence, and their desire to strive for more.

Entrance into advance classes or the GATE program can be discussed with the specific teacher.