Student Leadership

At Altimira, student leadership is centered on character education and the philosophy that every student can be a leader. Our supportive teachers foster commitment, responsibility, organization, collaboration and time management in their students. Students develop and hone their leadership skills by contributing their time and talent to improve the greater school community. In turn, our students learn to act responsibly through the daily practice of meaningful decision-making.

Leadership opportunities are integrated into the every day classroom so all students may take action on important school and social issues, work alongside teachers and staff, and develop a personal and effective set of leadership skills. Student Officers and Safe School Ambassadors are two of the several ongoing leadership activities.  

Student Leadership is also taught as a discrete yearlong Elective course. The students in the Leadership Elective course are responsible for creating a positive campus culture and organizing all student activities at Altimira. Leadership students are required to participate in classroom lessons and activities, student government, student and staff recognition programs, school wide student activities and to reach beyond the Altimira campus to coordinate philanthropic events and perform community service.

Course curriculum includes: government, civil rights, advertising, public speaking, acceptance of others, personal growth and leadership. Course activities and accomplishments are completely student driven. Events are organized, directed and executed entirely by student commissioners.

This yearlong Elective course is open to all students, however, students must apply to be a member of the Leadership class. Interested students are required to attend a lunchtime meeting where the application is distributed and explained. This process typically occurs during the month of May for the following school year.  A small number of sixth grade students are recommended by their fifth grade teachers and also must fill out the application to be considered for the class.