Athletics Activity Code Changes

These changes will take effect August of 2016.

  • Fall Sports Eligibility - Students will be ineligible for all fall sports teams if their previous Trimester 3 report card has any F grades and/or is below a 2.0 GPA.  Ineligible students will not be allowed to tryout for/participate on fall sports teams.
  • New Academic Probation Policy - Students will have one academic probation period per year instead of one probation period per sport.  Any other time a student athlete has F grades and/or is below a 2.0 GPA at the time of a school-wide grade check, that student athlete is removed from the team immediately.


Altimira offers Fall, Winter, and Spring sports including cross country, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and track. Student-athletes practice good sportsmanship and teamwork and are encouraged to make commitments, set goals, and work to attain them. Middle school sports present an opportunity to emphasize skill development while introducing our student athletes to team strategies specific to each sport. Our coaching staff devotes their time and energy to fostering excellence in all of our athletic programs.


The purpose of the middle school athletic program is to support and fully adopt North Valley League philosophies, regulations and requirements. Sonoma Valley Middle Schools also support and honor CIF and other Sonoma Valley High School philosophies in an effort to prepare students for the high school athletic programs. Our middle schools are committed to high standards and the principles of athletics serving as essential parts of the total educational program.  

Every 7th and 8th grade student is provided an opportunity to try out for an after school athletic team.  Due to North Valley League restrictions, 6th graders are not allowed to participate in all sports. The single exception is wrestling, where 6th grade students may compete but not score points. Sixth grade students may also be team managers.    

 The emphasis at the middle school level is on instruction, skill development, teamwork, basic offensive and defensive strategies, fair play, social maturity, and sportsmanship. Team size is determined by North Valley League regulations, suitable game and practice facilities, and safe environments.  With the exception of track and wrestling, cuts may be made.  Cutting of students is not our desire but, when necessary, cuts will be made based on the physical ability, effort and maturity of the student as well as facility and safety concerns.  Coaches are encouraged to allow all student athletes to play in all games.

Philosophy in Spanish

Requirements to Compete:

We hold our student athletes to a high standard in order to compete. After all, they are STUDENT Athletes. In order to compete a student must have a 2.0 GPA and can not be failing any classes. Also student needs to maintain a clean behavior record during the season of play. Any infraction of these requirements will result in a temporary probation where a student is allowed to practice but not travel or compete in the contest. At the end of the probation a students grades/behavior will be reevaluated to determine eligibility. All students be able to provide proof of insurance. If a student athlete does not have insurance they can purchase it through the school for $31. Check or money orders accepted, not cash.

In order to be eligible for tryouts and competition the two documents below must be filled out prior to the first day practice/tryouts are held. Please include your insurance policy number where stipulated.