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Altimira Leadership Course Introduction:


            Your enrollment in the Altimira Middle School Leadership Class means that you are willing to devote time and energy to the student activities and the student/staff recognition programs.  More than simply giving of your time and talents, you are here to learn skills, which will allow you to become a more effective leader/organizer.

            The concept of being a leader is one that is subject to a variety of definition and interpretations.  It is the purpose of this class to provide you with the opportunities to develop your own style and interpretation of “leadership”.  Developing skills for communication, time management, goal setting, interpersonal relations, public relations, and organization, will be the primary objectives for this class.

            Per the nature of the class, the Leadership Class is different in that there will be days when you are free to work on campus projects.  This freedom should not be abused or misunderstood.  All normal classroom procedures which apply in other courses are in effect here: regular attendance, promptness, fulfilling requirements, etc. Therefore, you should view all class time in the same context, as an opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge.  On days when lessons are being taught, be attentive, serious, and mindful of how the information being presented can be incorporated into campus projects.  On days when time is given to work on activities, be equally as conscientious so as to use this opportunity effectively.


Course Objectives: 

1.    Provide a governing body to oversee student related activities.

2.    Provide a wide range of activities and events to build unity and relationships among our student body.

3.    To learn leadership sills through class work, experience, the experience of others, and reflection.


Course Goals

1.    To develop responsibility, initiative, creativity, leadership and school pride.

2.    To encourage productive student-staff relationships

3.    To aid in the internal administration of the school

4.    To develop school-community relationships

Grading Policy:

            The purpose of this grading policy is to ensure an equitable procedure assigning letter grades, to encourage student participation in class discussions and committee work, and to provide the student body of our school with an effective leadership team and student government.  In recognition of this, the following will be used in the determination of grades given to member of this class.  You will be provided with a Leadership Handbook. You will need this for every class. This will help keep you organized and in the know for all activities and events.


Per Trimester


Class Participation - 100 Points

This accounts for the work that you put in during class time. All efforts put forth to your committees (dances, rallies, fundraising, etc.), group challenges, and other class related activities will be accounted for here. This section is graded subjectively based on observations of your classroom behavior, attitude, enthusiasm, and responsibility to your assigned duties.


Trimester Reflection- 50 Points

Each trimester you will be given a reflection that is your responsibility outside of class. Reflection pages can be found in your handbook.  Reflections should be organized, neatly written, and show effort. Think of this as a scrapbook overview for the end of each trimester. Get creative


Activity Participation- 100 Points

Each trimester you will be expected to participate in other class/school wide activities such as dances, rallies, fundraisers, etc. The more activities you participate in, the more points you get. There are plenty of opportunities throughout each semester to participate in activities.  At the end of most activities, we will evaluate and discuss how to make the next more successful. Ms. Niehaus will periodically check your handbook to receive credit for evaluations. 


Community Service- 50 Pts

Each leader also makes a commitment to serve the community.  The earn an “A” you will need to volunteer at least 5 hours per trimester; a “B” 4 hours; and a “C” 3 hours.  Ms. Niehaus can give you plenty of ideas on how to fulfill this requirement, there will also be opportunities given through the class.


= 300 Pts per trimester

Course Expectations and Policies:


1.    Be a courteous and open-minded listener.

2.    Speak up! Offer your comments, suggestions and ideas. What you have to say is important.

3.    Treat yourself and others as equals…because you are! Be respectful at all times while in this classroom and/or representing this class.

4.    Attendance is IMPORTANT!

5.    Grades for this class must be earned; it is not an easy A.

6.    Do not use your leadership involvement to be tardy or absent to any other class. Keep up your work in your other classes. You must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and have zero Fs to participate in this class.  If you do not maintain a 2.5 GPA or have any Fs then you will be put on a six-week probation and if grades do not improve, you will be placed in another elective.  You can only be on be on probation once throughout the school year.

7.    Do NOT leave the classroom without a pass or permission.

8.    Be relaxed with yourself, enjoy and work with your classmates and Ms. Niehaus and HAVE FUN. Your involvement in student activities/leadership will be memorable. 

9.    Clean up after yourself. Do not leave supplies lying around.

10.                  Use your time wisely. This class gets a little hectic and we need to stay focused and work hard to get work done.

11.                  Complete all assignments given to you. Making and keeping commitments are essential in leadership.

12.                  Be the best “YOU” that you know how to be.

13.                  Remember that “laughter is the best medicine.” Be willing to make mistakes and laugh at yourself, knowing that we often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. Be willing to laugh WITH your classmates.