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Modified - 08/30/2016 08:16am Altimira Drama Syllabus and Performances
Summary: Altimira’s Drama class is designed to teach you about theatre arts and how they can support, reinforce, and enrich your life. Confident public speaking, creativity, and ensemble work are skills that will help you become aware of yourself and how others perceive you.
In class we will focus on:
enhancing self-awareness and self-confidence
inspiring creative expression
improving focus and maintaining concentration
enriching communication skills and social interaction
developing physical and vocal expression
using drama to promote and cultivate reading, writing, and speaking
deepening understanding of human behavior within the context of drama
promoting cultural understanding
acquiring historical perspective by exploring different periods and styles of theatre

Class Expectations:
Participation is an essential part of the class.
Be prepared, have all required materials ready.
Listen carefully and follow instructions.
Respect yourself, each other, respect the work, respect the process, and respect the teacher/director. This includes being respectful of times when students are acting or presenting a project.  Students are expected to listen and be a good audience.  This means no side conversations or head-phones in class.  Disrespecting the teacher or fellow students will result in a referral to administration. 
Keep the classroom clean – No food, drinks or gum. Throw trash in the trash can. Don’t leave personal items. Put away all props, costumes, and resources used for class performances.
Keep the Drama related to class— I care very much about how your day to day lives affect you, but I won’t allow moods and acting out in the classroom or during drama sessions.  Before or after hours, you may have all my attention and I’ll do everything I can to listen and help you.  But your job is not to bring your troubles into the classroom.
Complete all assigned projects and homework.

Performances & Class Projects –60% of grade
Test and Quizzes – 20% of grade
Homework and daily participation – 20% of grade

Performance Dates: 

October 26, 2016: Drama: Fractured Fairy Tales Mini Play Performance 6:30pm in Altimira Multipurpose Room
February 8, 2017: Drama: More Monologues and Mini Plays Performance 6:30pm in Altimira Multipurpose Room
May 9, 2017: Spring Musical: at 6:30pm in Altimira Multipurpose Room 

Optional Field Trip, Must be earned: 
December 1, 2016: Field Trip to Sonoma State University Theater to see The Bluebird live theatrical performance