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Summary: This is my 10th year teaching art in Sonoma Valley. Historically, art has been around longer than math, science, and language. Art is a very important means of expression for many cultures, including ours!
  What is Art?  This question has puzzled philosophers for centuries. 

I am the art teacher at Altimira Middle School, and this is my 10th year teaching in Sonoma Valley. We will explore many different styles of art including Prehistoric Native American Symbols, Japanese NoTan Art and Modern Art - Impressionism and the Fauves. All students will receive a Sketchbook, and one full-page sketch is due each month. During Ceramics, we will learn how to make coil pots and pinch pots. This year we will design and create mobiles in the style of Alexander Calder, and we will use copper paper tape to create a simple circuit board to light up one of our art projects. We will use Google Classroom for a few assignments.