Diversity, Multiculturalism & Inclusion

Altimira's diversity and multiculturalism are honest and organic. We respect, embrace and celebrate our differences to create an inclusive and cohesive community. Our collective school culture is shaped and enriched by the unique perspectives that our students, families, faculty and staff contribute. Our multiplicity of student voices creates a vibrant and compelling learning environment that inspires innovative thinking and pushes students to new levels of learning, listening, integrating and synthesizing producing fresh imaginative solutions.

With intentional focus on the concepts of equity and inclusion, we educate our students to understand, appreciate, unravel, and navigate the complexities of our modern society. Altimira is uniquely positioned to educate students through daily interactions and personal experience to be responsible local and global citizens in the real world of today and the emergent world of tomorrow.

Altimira offers a 2-year Spanish class for 7th and 8th graders that meets the requirement for Spanish 1 at Sonoma Valley High School.  Several Altimira staff members are bilingual in English and Spanish to provide support to students and parents throughout the day.  Altimira has implemented a Seal of Biliteracy pathway award that recognizes 8th grade students who are on the path to becoming proficient in both English and Spanish.