Going Green

Altimira has laid the foundation for a successful sustainability program with the installation of solar panels, a greenhouse and a Garden class teaching environmental science education, natural resource conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Our Ecology Club began the process of going green years ago by implementing a campus wide recycling program for aluminum cans, paper and plastic. Since then, Altimira’s students and staff have expanded efforts to reduce waste and shrink the schools carbon footprint by recycling ink and toner cartridges, landscaping with native low water use plants and a composting program. 

Teachers at Altimira take advantage of our extensive campus as an outdoor classroom and living lab to engage students in science and its relevancy to the world around them. This interconnection instantly stimulates students' desire to learn more about science and be environmentally conscious at school and at home. In addition, Altimira’s farmer’s market days offer produce for sale straight from our garden and teach students the value of buying local and supporting local farms.

Our Altimira students have shown leadership and great creativity in their effort to help lower school spending and reduce our school’s carbon footprint. It is no surprise that the Wolves are finding it is easy to be green!