"Watch Us Grow"

Altimira's gardening program is a hands-on class that teaches science through agriculture. From planting depth and spacing, to water amounts and ideal temperature for growth, students are learning by doing, not just reading about it in a book. Studies have shown throughout the United States that gardening activities help improve achievement scores in science. Altimira's science scores have improved after the implementation of the Horticulture Class.  

Through hands-on learning in the Altimira garden, as well as the classroom, students propagate and grow plants and flowers for school grounds, for food, and for sale to the public. Students are introduced to sustainable greenhouse and nursery practices, landscape design, pruning, and fruit/vegetable production. They gain insight into business practices by planning seasonal plant sales.  It also increases their awareness of food, the taste of fresh vegetables, and often changes their entire outlook on eating healthy! Second year students in the program will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills by assuming managerial positions, supervising and mentoring other students in their garden area.

Altimira's horticulture class allows students to get out of the classroom and work outside with their hands. From students who excel in classroom academics and need some outdoor time, to students who have yet to find something about school that excites them, our gardens and horticulture program provide amazing opportunities.

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