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Altimira Middle School

6th Grade Math Class

Mr. Reis – Room A-4


Daily Classroom Procedures



1.   Be seated in your assigned seat.

2.   Have all daily supplies out, sharpen pencils.

3.   Put your HOMEWORK on the table

4.   Begin working on warm-up problem.



1.   Talking ceases.

2.   Continue working on warm-up.



1.   If you have a question ask your team members first.

2.   If team members don’t know the answer then raise your hand to call the teacher’s attention. Keep trying to find the answer to your question.

3.   Participate in your team.

4.   Remain in your seat unless told otherwise.



1.   Please remain seated until you are dismissed by your teacher.


Pencils must be sharpened before second bell rings. If you need to sharpen your pencil during class time use your own pencil sharpener. DO NOT ASK OTHER STUDENTS TO BORROW THEIR PENCIL SHARPENERS OR PENCILS, this disrupts the class.




1.   You will get four bathroom passes per trimester. I will have to sign your pass before you go to the bathroom. Use your passes wisely, only for emergencies.



1.   Most of the class work will be done in teams. Each team member will have an assigned job. You will be graded on team participation. If a team member has a question, the team must try answering the question before raising your hand to ask your teacher.

2.   Lower your voice when talking to your team members. Try helping each other.



1.   A  90 – 100%

2.   B  80 – 89%

3.   C  70 – 79%

4.   D  60 – 69%

5.   F  59% or below


Grading Policy


Homework 20%, Late Homework gets 50%. No late homework accepted once we finish a chapter.

Team participation and class work 20%.

Tests and quizzes 60% of your grade.



Completing math homework is essential to success in math. We will have homework every other day. Homework will be 20% of your grade. All assignments must be labeled with your first and last name, date, period, pages and problem numbers, written on the top left corner of your paper. Homework must be done in pencil and on graph paper if possible.




Students are expected to come to class prepared every day with their homework, notebook, and several sharpened pencils.





Being absent from class does not excuse you from doing your homework. Please try doing the next homework on your own or call a friend to find out what we did in class, see me the first day you are back in school. You will have an extra day to turn in your homework without penalty.



Extra Help


If you have any questions, or you need extra help, please see me before or after school, or at lunch. I’m available at 8 A.M. , at lunch and after school. Let me know in advance that you are coming. You also can get lots of homework help online, go to www.cpm.org and find the homework help tab.




1.   Do things that will not prevent me from teaching, nor you or others from learning.

2.   Respect yourself, others, and your school.

3.   Be responsible.

4.   Listen.



·      #2 Pencils (3 or more), mechanical pencils are better, eraser and pencil sharpeners (with cover)

·      Binder paper (graphing paper)

·      Composition notebook (graph) or spiral notebook (graph)

·      Calculator if you have one. (we have some in class). You will not use your cell phone as calculator.



We will cover the following math topics this year:


·      Chapter 1 – Visualizing information, perimeter and area relationships, patterns, representing data, products, factors and factor pairs

·      Chapter 2 – Graphs, exploring area, square units, generic rectangles, greatest common factors and distributive property

·      Chapter 3- Portions and Integers

·      Chapter 4 – Variables and Rations

·      Chapter 5- Multiplying Fractions and Area

·      Chapter 6 – Dividing and Building Expressions

·      Chapter 7 – Rates and Operations

·      Chapter 8 – Statistics and Multiplication Equations

·      Chapter 9 – Volume and Percents