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Laura Roberts


Math Teacher



Email: or


Phone:  935-6020


My schedule:

A Day

1st Period

8th Grade Math


3rd Period

6th Grade Math


5th Period

6th Grade Math

B Day

2nd Period



4th Period

8th Grade Math


6th Period

7th Grade Math

Welcome to A-3!  I am Laura Roberts and I live in Petaluma with my husband Lance. We have three children; my eldest son Kyle is senior at University of Nevada Reno, my daughter Alana is a freshman at UC Davis and her twin brother Shane is a freshman at Chico State University.


This is my sixth year of teaching and my seventh year here at Altimira.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Pacific in 1983.  I worked for many years as an electrical/control systems engineer for Bechtel in San Francisco and earned my Professional Engineering license in electrical engineering in 1986. Following the birth of my son Kyle, I worked in research and development for Detoxification Technologies Inc. in Emeryville.  After my twins were born, I was a stay at home mom for a number of years.  I decided to go back to school and earn my teaching credential after working countless times in my children’s classrooms and rediscovering my love of mathematics.

I am available for help before school, at break, at lunch and after school (unless there is a meeting).  Please email me at if you should have any questions.