Our Community

Altimira nurtures a caring community that is purposefully designed to meet the developmental needs of our young adolescent learners. The creation of a strong, supportive and connected school community is a core tenet in our mission, and is reflected in the details and the whole of our programs. Communication between and among parents, faculty and staff is essential to creating this strong community. At Altimira, PowerSchool, email and this website are the primary methods used to share information with students, their parents, colleagues, administrators, counselors, coaches to elevate and advance student achievement. Parent involvement and community support in a child's education is the greatest predictor of the student's academic achievement and success.

Altimira students and families are fortunate to be able to reinforce and grow local relationships and even greater community connections as students' progress from local elementary through middle school and then on to Sonoma Valley High School.  The continuing partnership amongst Sonoma's family, school and community brings positive benefits to all.