Academic Competition & Events

The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) coordinates a number of countywide and regional events for students, giving individual students and school teams the chance to participate in competitions and activities with other schools. These academic events are designed to support, encourage, recognize, and promote student learning. They foster achievement, promote accomplishments, and provide our community with a prominent means of recognizing exemplary student performance.

Regional and Countywide Events

    Academic Decathlon (grades 9-12)
    History Day (grades 4-12)
    Mini Maker Faire (grades 6-12)
    Robotics Challenge (grades 4-8)
    Science Fair (grades 6-12)
    Science Olympiad (grades 4-6)
    Spelling Bees (grades 4-6 and 7-9)

Students are challenged by participation in these academic events. For teachers, the events are a resource to encourage and motivate student learning. Schools participate to build school spirit and spotlight the achievements of their students. The community helps sponsor these annual competitions and joins in recognizing winning schools and students.

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