Sonoma Valley Unified School District

Hello all!


Any chance you are interested in helping us get an $8,000 donation toward saving middle school sports? Read on!!


We are still raising money to support the middle school sports at Altimira and Adele.  We have an organization, 

Destination Races, that is giving us $5000 toward SOS!!  In addition, they are willing to give up to an additional $3000 if we are able to provide volunteers for their event, the Wine Country Half Marathon, on July 21st, 2013. Each volunteer will add $50 toward their donation to SOS.  So i am working on getting 50 volunteers so that we can maximize their donation!!


If you are interested in participating, the volunteer positions are listed below.  To register for any position, go to

then click on "register for this event", and then follow the directions. If you could let me know as well, that would be wonderful.


As long as there is an adult amongst the group, we can have as many students as we'd like (no age minimum, as long as they are responsible enough to be there and commit to helping for the 2.5-3 hours.)


I will be there for the bag check at Cuvaison Winery from 5am to 7:30am, so any students interested in doing that job can carpool with me and my kids, just let me know.


If you have any questions at all, email me (or call me at 933-0341).




Saturday, July 20th

            4pm-8pm, Sonoma Plaza: recovery bag stuffing (8 spots)

Sunday, july 21st:

            5am-8am, @ Cuvaison Vineyards: start line bag check (8 spots)

            8am-11am @ Sonoma Plaza: Festival bag check (8 spots)

            7:30am-11am @ Plaza: wine glass distribution (10 spots)


Course monitors, Sunday, July 21st, approx. 7:30am-10:30am (earlier spots end earlier, later spots start slightly later.)

These spots only need one volunteer per position, but it should be somebody 18 years old or older. You may have more than one person with you, of course, but we are only credited $50 for one volunteer per location. Many of these spots are along city streets where we live, ..... you can just grab a seat and a cup of coffee and hang out close to your house!!!  cha-ching, another $50 toward the middle school sports!!!

Duhig @ Las Amigas

Ramal @ skagg's island

Ramal @ Dale

Dale @ s. central

Dale @ burndale

Burndale @ acacia

Burndale @ knob hill

Burndale @ hyde

Burndale @ pearson

Burndale @ allen

Burndale @ Peary

Burndale @ Hyde-burndale

Burndale @ napa

Denmark @ left bend (past gun bun)

Dunmark @ mabry

Denmark @ 7th

Denmark @ brockman

Path @ ball field 

Path @ track

E. MacArthur @ second

E. MacArthur @ austin

W. MacArthur @ entrance of MacArthur place

Broadway @ W. Macarthur

Austin @ chase

Austin @ france

First St. East @ Patton

Broadway @ chase

Broadway @ patten

Broadway @ finish line


THANK YOU so much!!!


Joanna Greenslade