Parent Involvement

Altimira values and encourages all parent involvement because parent participation and a strong school-family partnership are essential to our student and collective success. Frequent and meaningful parent participation in a child’s education is linked to higher academic achievement, better school attendance, and stronger homework skills. Parents and families are integral and indispensible members of our Altimira community and we will value you as a volunteer, and appreciate your dedication to the children as a supportive aide, role model, and mentor.

The transition from elementary to middle school is exciting and challenging for students and families. Yet, parents often mistakenly reduce participation during this time because they are unfamiliar with the school, and as a natural response to adolescents’ growing autonomy. However, the benefit of sustained parent involvement through middle and high school is indisputable. Staying involved in your child’s education at every level, as advocates, guides, fundraisers, boosters, and as volunteers, directly results in substantial benefits to children, parents, educators, and the entire school community.

Joining the PTO, ELAC or parent advisory council and fundraising and volunteering at school events are great ways to support our students, to meet other parents, and to get involved. Parents who participate are more familiar with school programs, have positive communication with staff and gain insights that help with parent-child communications. Volunteers at Altimira also form a strong parent network that is a valuable parent resource now and into the future. So, set an example for your child and participate. Your support shows your children that their school and a strong community are important.

There are many on campus events that thrive with parent volunteers. Regular events such as monthly garden workdays help provide large-scale work to be completed in a fun volunteer environment. Plant sales help share the benefits of our horticulture program with the community. Parent volunteers also help with annual events such as Back to School Night, picture day, holiday gift faire, open house BBQ and field day. Our annual Altimira fundraiser “The Howl” is put on completely through parent volunteers.

Parent Involvement



Hello Altimira parents!


If you missed the PTO meeting Monday night, you missed an opportunity to sign up to receive texts from Altimira's PTO.  We've begun a new program called Remind101.  It allows you to sign up through texting to receive important texts about Altimira!  Attached is the detailed information on how to sign up and a little more information about the program.  Also, the basic information is below:


Using your phone, text @amspto to the number 707-993-4837.  That's all you have to do!  Then, you can stay in the loop about upcoming PTO events and volunteer opportunities.   


The next thing that is coming up is our first ever Harvest Festival!  It is planned for October 12 from 2-6.  We could still use a few more folks on the planning committee.  The only goal of this Festival is to unite our Altimira community and have fun!  More info to come on the texts!