Student Growth & Development

Altimira facilitates student growth and development through individualized learning and instruction that centers on the potential of every child. We provide pathways for all students to reach for and achieve their full academic potential.  Our diversity is a valuable strength and we proudly educate and inspire all students, regardless of social, economic or educational background.  We strive to ensure that students are progressing to the next achievement level and implement broad and varied support for students at all levels to ensure their success. At Altimira we care for the social and emotional development of our adolescent students and guide students to expand their view of the world, elevate their self-confidence, and excite their desire to achieve.

Beyond the Classroom

Altimira participates in the Academic Talent Search through Sonoma State University (, a program that is devoted to helping students prepare for and succeed in college.
Our GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program not only participates on campus in “Creative Olympics” in which they work together on enterprising tasks to achieve a set goal, but also challenges students through creative field trips.
6th, 7th and 8th grade students participate in the annual Regional Spelling Bee.
All Science students participate in the school Science Fair and winners can continue on to the regional and state levels.
All 6th grade students are encouraged to participate in our spring outdoor education program.  
Altimira’s After School Program, “The Club” provides homework support, nutrition, exercise, and enrichment opportunities for all students.

In the classroom

Instructional assistants help teachers with any additional needs.
An English Learner Coordinator supports students who are learning the language.
An Academic Coordinator for Math and Language Arts uses benchmark, STAR and reading test results to provide teachers with specific program support.

Community Liaison

Altimira's bilingual community liaison is available in the office five days a week.  She makes important connections between the school community and the resources available in the larger Sonoma community. She also serves as our school's translator.

School Counselor

Altimira has a full-time bilingual counselor available for support of student academic, behavioral or personal needs. The counselor also coordinates our student scheduling.

Additional Counseling

A Social Advocates for Youth counselor is available for students.
Campus supervisors also provide support during the school day when students are not in classrooms before school, during breaks, lunch, and after school.
The Safe School Ambassador program at Altimira trains students to recognize situations and collaborate with other students when conflicts arise.
Altimira is a part of Migrant Education (, a federally funded program to provide supplementary educational and support services to eligible migrant students.