Students in the Community

Altimira students learn the importance of building relationships with and caring for our local, regional and global communities through outreach activities. We believe volunteerism promotes compassion and produces a lasting desire to act for the common good.

Through outreach, students learn together and develop new partnerships, working side by side with faculty and members of community organizations to create positive results. Community service is an essential part of a complete education as it facilitates the development of a healthy personal identity while refining students' communication skills and revealing the inextricable connection we each have to our larger community.

At Altimira, we are proud to design exceptional learning experiences and to inspire lifelong community stewardship. The following are just a handful of the organizations that have been supported by Altimira student outreach: FISH, Rotary Purple Pinkie Fundraiser, Sonoma Ecology Center, and Relay for Life. We continue to seek new connections and opportunities to develop this important bond between our young people and our community.


Honor Band Participants


Rudy Gutierrez, Naomi Little, and Nick Spanger


 Jaya_Garcia_and_Lyndsey_Lee.jpg    Jaya Garcia and Lindsey Lee   

Science Fair   


Sam Little, Kohana Bowman, and Karen Torres 




           Spelling Bee Winners   


 NIck Spanger, Rene Rodriguez, George Stewart, Serena Garcia, Taylor Curtis, Angle Barcenas, Lily Ling, Naomi Little