Children working in computer room

At Altimira we use technology to transform the traditional learning environment to one where students are actively engaged with the content of the lessons. For our students, technology means more than just word-processing, e-mail and internet research; technology is interactive learning by doing. Altimira's technology is integrated into every classroom. Students research, collaborate, manage time, organize and achieve amazing results through the use of technology. Products of their work include power point presentations, brochures, music, movies, animation, and even websites.

Altimira also has a separate, distinct technology elective.  During this class students start out with learning the basics of word processing through stories, letters and student-designed posters. They begin each day perfecting their keyboard typing using Type to Learn and soon quickly progress to presentations, spreadsheets and web-site building tools. Students learn the art of photo-editing which is incorporated into many visual projects, culminating in a student-created movie. They learn, in detail, how to use many programs such as Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, Google Apps for Education, iPhoto and Garage Band.  From their own student-created movie, to power point presentations and slide shows choreographed to music, students are technologically prepared for today’s world.